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hasky, Manchester

15 good reasons why ModelRun

  •  1. 100% free
  •  2. video & picture portfolios
  •  3. almost unlimited galleries
  •  4. secure casting submission
  •  5. instant portfolio & stats import
  •  6. facebook integration
  •  7. advanced portfolio management
  •  8. create & print comp-cards
  •  9. agency listing
  •  10. open search engine for castings
  •  11. advanced casting management
  •  12. categorized contacts & favorites
  •  13. one-click gig offers
  •  14. send-book-to-email
  •  15. spam/fraud/abuse monitoring

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It's good to know..
Networking through your Contact Book

Building and managing a good Contact Book is a key to successful networking!

Your ModelRun Contact Book is not just a way to store contact information, never loose any friend’s or client's emails or contact info ever again, but also a very useful tool that will let you network like a pro! You can request and store contact info even from friends that are not on ModelRun.

Use our Invite-a-Friend feature to invite some or all of your contacts directly from your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail accounts or social networks like Myspace and Facebook! You can do that from your Contact Book page by clicking on the “Import Contacts” button. Please note that your Myspace and Facebook friends must be added to your address book there if you want them to appear when you import it.

This will also help promote our site and you can receive special Badges, benefits and other surprises! Like most of our features it would take a little patience to learn how to use it, but like we like to say: It’s easy when you know how!

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