Curtis Bailey...
Photographer Spotlight
Curtis Bailey..., Long Beach

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  •  11. advanced casting management
  •  12. categorized contacts & favorites
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  •  15. spam/fraud/abuse monitoring

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It's good to know..
Who gets Featured on our homepage

All pictures that are being uploaded to our site go through screening, where some get selected to appear in ModelRun Favorite Models, Featured Industry Professionals or Photographer Spotlight.

We’ve been pretty generous about it, but we’ve also probably skipped many talented members that do deserve to be in these categories. We are not trying to claim that we have the best eye to recognize talent.

A Featured Member could also be someone that has been active or has a neat profile page. The idea of creating in the first place was to help people create awesome portfolios and present themselves in the best possible way. This is the key to get work in this industry. So if we see you know what you’re doing and fully use the potential that gives you – we are glad to award you for this.

We want our members to really have successful careers on the modeling and fashion industry. The ones that work hardest are the ones that we’ll support the most as well.
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