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photo54, NYC / Orlando

15 good reasons why ModelRun

  •  1. 100% free
  •  2. video & picture portfolios
  •  3. almost unlimited galleries
  •  4. secure casting submission
  •  5. instant portfolio & stats import
  •  6. facebook integration
  •  7. advanced portfolio management
  •  8. create & print comp-cards
  •  9. agency listing
  •  10. open search engine for castings
  •  11. advanced casting management
  •  12. categorized contacts & favorites
  •  13. one-click gig offers
  •  14. send-book-to-email
  •  15. spam/fraud/abuse monitoring

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It's good to know..
Use a specific CompCard

ModelRun is a specifically designed website for models, photographers and other industry professionals to help update their portfolios, hopefully without having to pay anyone.

We made it possible with just a click of a mouse button to send not just a request for a TFP for example, but to show the other person exactly what type of look you`re looking for, without having to explain anything with words. This only requires you to setup one or several CompCards, which you`d send directly to the desired professional.

Why? Because there is a huge difference from one photo shoot to another, even with the same photographer. What good would it do for you if you did a one-hour photo shoot with a photographer, expecting results as what you saw in their portfolio, not knowing that they would normally require much longer to achieve, even additional people involved? How would you know what exactly would that photographer do for you, or want from you? The normal way would be through long back-and-forth emails. The ModelRun way is just by sending the right CompCard with just one click.
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