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Women Paris
7 Bd de La Madeleine Paris 75001 , France
T. (33 ) 55 5 35 22 22 F. (33 ) 55 5 35 22 23
Opened in 2003, Women Paris is the youngest branch of the network. The
agency's philosophy is to maintain the aesthetic vision that made Women
known and respected by the fashion industry.

The goal of Women Paris is to create, establish, and maintain the careers of
supermodels, leading them towards landing major fragrance and cosmetic

Women works with all the most important clients in the world, and represents supermodels such as Natasha Poly, Isabeli Fontana , Valentina Zeliaeva and Iselin Steiro. They also established new rising stars during the Fall Winter 07 show such as Kassia Struss, Sheila and Masha T.

XS Model Management
355 West 52nd Street 8th floor New York 10019 , United States
T. (212) 937 7 4242 F. (646) 607 7 9494
XS model management is a boutique agency devoted to personal career & wealth management, which is the key to the agency's growth and success.
It specializes in representing confirmed models that are also actively pursuing careers in the Acting and Music Industry.

Yoshie Inc.
2-6-37 Taishido Setagayaku Tokyo 154-0004 , Japan
T. (+81) -54 481-2224 F. (+81) -54 481-5832


Women • Men • Kids • Talent • Scout

PO BOX 579 REDAN 30074 Georgia, United States


Women • Men • Talent • Photographer • Мake-Up • Scout • Hair • Illustrator • Stylist
Kmetty Gy. str. Budapest 1063 , Hungary
T. (209) 519 920 M. (209) 519 920 E.

ⓒ 2sxe4u Promoz Model Management

Women • Men
Po Box 323 Nelson Bay, NSW 2315 , Australia
T. (042) 993 3038 E.
ⓒ 2sxe4u Promoz Model Management
Australia\'s Sexiest & Hottest Models
~ Toxic, Lush & Chic Beauty ~
The 2sxe4u Model Crew is a group of highly skilled, professional individuals whose main priority is to both you and your company, making each and every event of yours a major success. We have Models available for both general Photographic and Promotional work.
Magazines, Calendars, Websites, Promotional Material & Editorials etc
Nightclubs, Trade Shows, Corporate Functions, Product Launches & Other Major Events etc
Model Competitions and all other occasions
* All 2sxe4u Models are selected and managed by ⓒ 2sxe4u Promoz Model Management based on their gorgeous looks and extensive experience in the Modeling Industry. Please view a list of Models experiences, under the tab \'About Us\' on the main menu of our website for further details.
* Feel free to browse through our Models by using the simple drop-down menu under the tab \'Models\' on the main menu of our website
* Please make Bookings 2-4 weeks in advance, to avoid disappointment when making a Booking Request for our most sought after Models.
Please feel free to contact Sonia & Jenna @ Model Management
Bookings and Enquiries
* Preferably via Email or by completing the \'Bookings & Quotes Form\' in the drop-down menu under the tab \'Contact Us\' on the main menu of our website
0422 993 038 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
0435 006 373 Sat-Sun 9am-5pm
* If your phone call is unanswered please leave a detailed message. A 2sxe4u Promoz Model Management and/or 2sxe4u Promoz And Motorsportz Crew Member will return your call as soon as we can.
Thank You
Mailing Address
PO BOX 323
Nelson Bay, NSW 2315
33 551 782 552

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Why? Because there is a huge difference from one photo shoot to another, even with the same photographer. What good would it do for you if you did a one-hour photo shoot with a photographer, expecting results as what you saw in their portfolio, not knowing that they would normally require much longer to achieve, even additional people involved? How would you know what exactly would that photographer do for you, or want from you? The normal way would be through long back-and-forth emails. The ModelRun way is just by sending the right CompCard with just one click.
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