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Note: Rene Magazine is now accepting applications for model shoots in the Las Vegas Nevada and Salt Lake City Areas for our Fall - Winter Edition 2011- 2012 Email talent@vegasnightslive.com with Bio and PhotosrnrnWelcome to Rene Magazine, Western Capital Multimedia and VegasNightsLive.com Modeling andTalent AgencyrnrnThank you for your interestin VegasNightsLive.com Modeling & TalentAgency. Our agency is state licensedand bonded, and has fourteen years experienceworking in this marketrnrnWe are not a school but anagencythat actually books models.rnrnKnown for working with trainedprofessionalsoffering...

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Note:  Rene Magazine is now accepting applications for model shoots in the Las Vegas Nevada and Salt Lake City Areas for our Fall - Winter Edition 2011- 2012  Email talent@vegasnightslive.com with Bio and Photos

Welcome to Rene Magazine, Western Capital Multimedia and VegasNightsLive.com  Modeling andTalent Agencyrn\r\n

Thank you for your interestin VegasNightsLive.com Modeling &  TalentAgency. Our agency is state licensedand bonded, and has fourteen years experienceworking in this market


We are not a school but anagencythat actually books models.


Known for working with trainedprofessionalsoffering top quality talent and serviceto our clients,   VegasNightsLive.com iscurrently networking over 500 models andactors throughout the Western United States and Hawaii. You can relyon my staff and I to demand your personalexcellence as we embark on our journey together to make yourmodeling dreams a reality.


By your reply, it is obvious that you have always wanted to be a model or anactor for film or television? We know that you are simply tired of the model searches comingthroughtown with all the hype and trying to leavewith your maxed-out credit card? This iswhere we come in.


VegasNightsLive.com  has a very simple philosophy. Wewill invest in you, and expect the same inreturn.  Our National Website is located at www.westerncapitalmultimedia.com and it is very clear that our sessions start at $5,000.00.  There is areason for this. We are the best.


Western Capital is also a member of the National Media and a memberof the National Publishers Association (We own magazines) This is whatmakes us different from the rest.


If youare receiving this letter, then we believe that youMAY have what it takes to be successful. Because youreceived this email, YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR TEST PHOTO SHOOT. We maintain rights to all of the images that are created, and you are given a cd of the photos forNON COMMERCIAL USE.


When you are booked fora job, we simply split whatever is paid with you. This is a risk on our part, however, we know what we are doing and thelast thing we want to do is to charge you 4,000 for a bunch of classes that youwill never use.  If you  win, we win.


Western Capital is first and foremost a financial services firm. Thatgives us the ability to provide the equipment necessary to make you look your best. Please donot come with expectations, as we are in no way a typical agency.  Wemake our money from the digital rights and booking talent, it is notrocket science!

\r\nrnSo, Here are a few Do\'s & Dont\'s of Being aModel
  1. Know your Agent!!! Visit our website and look at the photos. read what our models have to say!
  2. \r\nrn\r\n
  3. Do not have photos or composite cards done without our the advice our team.  We do not make money on Comp Cards, so we direct you on how to get them yourself.  We will work together to pick the best shots, however we DEPEND on you to do the research, Vogue, Elle etc. to see where you think you will fit in.  Remember, we will be working side by side with you to get you work and if you have seen other companies, they never say this. We want you to look hot, and we will tell you if what you think is great does not work., we do not want to have you loose jobs because of a bad presentation.
  4. \r\nrn\r\n
  5. Remember, model searches and schools cannot book talent. You still have to have an Agent.  We could care less about your experience, or your past, all we want is the best that you have to offer now!
  6. \r\nrn\r\n
  7. The only fees you should ever pay for are: The photographer directly for photos, coaching charges, and reasonably priced modeling or acting seminars. (We rarely recommend this, however some people want it all, and we will tell you if you are being taken advantage of)
  8. \r\nrn\r\n
  9. Professional model bookings are done by experienced professional models who have professional resumes, headshots, composite cards and developed skills.
  10. \r\nrn\r\n
  11. It is very hard to get work in any field without a resume. Then the last step would be having professional photos and printed composites which we mentioned above.
  12. \r\nrn
How do Companies Book Models

Upon your request forcomposite cards, you will besent a current rate sheet and card pull of model/actorphotos and resumes.

  • Booking models and actors
  • \r\nrn\r\n
  • Networking models and talent into New York, Salt Lake, Las Vegas, Honolulu and Los Angeles
  • \r\nrn\r\n
  • You very well may want to go \'\'On Location\'\' for a shoot. The way we look at this is if you are paying to get our photographer there, then all you do is cover the basic expenses and We always create a win win. We have traveled the world shooting models and you would not believe how many people refuse to use anyone else. That is why we ask you to visit at least four other agencies and just listen to their pitch.  It is much different!  And we will be very direct with you if we do not see a way for you to make money.
  • \r\nrn\r\n
  • The bottom line is that we need all of your information. Please email us at talent@westerncapitalmultimedia.com and send us as many photos as you think will portray you in your excellence.  If you choose to do nudes, please be direct with us, we can assist you, but that is a whole different game, and a much different payoff for both of us.
  • \r\nrn\r\n

Please call (702) 560-3383  formore information and to schedule a time to shoot. LEAVE A MESSAGE IF YOU GET CAUGHT IN VOICEMAIL AND fill out the Contact Us Form on this site ! We shoot in Las Vegas,Salt Lake City or wherever we both decide to shoot, remember you pay only the real costs if we have to travel.  Wejust shot 56 models in Honolulu and there are a lot of people wanting usto go to Japan, the Caribbean, .. you name it. Email us as soon as possible with above attached signed release. Anyphotos you send will not be distributed and willonly be used to determine your status.


Watch our 2011 HD Fashion Photography Demo


Watchour 2011 HD Fashion Video Demo For Industry


Fill out the Model Release


Send us your photos as many as you feel comfortable with forus to place you! Tell us a little about yourselfand what you want!


To Your Success

Robert Paisola
CEO and Founder
A Western Capital Multimedia Company

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