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Western Capital Multimedia USA to Acquire Rene Magazine
Posted on July 1st, 2011   07:30 PM

Western Capital Multimedia USA to Acquire Rene Magazine

Robert Paisola's Western Capital announces its acquisition of Salt Lake City based fashion and entertainment magazine, Rene Magazine at

rn"As a popular fashion and lifestyle magazine, the acquisition of The Rene Magazine Brand, is another important step for our strategic plan,” Paisola said. “Their coverage of the fashion and lifestyle sector will dovetail very well with Western Capital Multimedia and our plans to broadcast lifestyle news and entertainment.”

Paisola said the magazine will continue to publish monthly under the Rene Magazine name. “Similarly to our acquisition of Exterra Credit, we’ll leverage the brand equity in Rene to help us capture more of that market segment,” he said.

According to Paisola, Western Capital has plans to utilize content from the magazine and to reformat into a high end fashion and lifestyle magazine, including news segments, national feature articles and a fashion and lifestyle television show for the company’s Podcast News and Entertainment divisions, respectively.

Publisher and editor of Rene Magazine, Joe Daniels, indicated the acquisition was also a good move for his magazine. “As a division of Robert Paisola’s Western Capital Network, we’ll be exposed to greater audiences and broader grid exposure,” Daniels said.

The acquisition will benefit Rene in other ways, according to Daniels. “I believe the content that Robert Paisola and Western Capital offers will inform and entertain people regardless of position that they are currently in,” she said.

“As a diverse media company, we are interested in reaching a new readership, Our goal is to provide not only lifestyle content, but valuable financial related content to assist those who are currently experiencing financial hardship, said Paisola.  Our company, has been at the crust of the financial assistance movement for years, and this is a valuable asset tofold into the Rene Product.

“We anticipate that by using our value added partners, such as ITunes,, and the Western Capital Video Networks, including our status with CNN I Report, we will be able to deliver national and international content using tools such as, Google Video and other essential Viral Marketing tools to ensure prompt delivery of content as well as continued profitability

Visit the Western Capital Media corporate Web site at and

View the latest newscast and commercials at the  News Web site, hosted by at

Western Capital Multimedia
A Division of the Western Capital Group Of Companies
63 East 11400 South
Suite 221
Sandy, Utah 84070

For Media Interviews, Please Contact Mr. Paisola at 801-671-7843
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Western Capital Media, Inc., is a financial services, motivational seminar, broadcasting and interactive media company with the purpose to provide quality fashion news and entertainment to residents and visitors of the Western Capital community through the development, production and marketing of entertainment, news and information within the Rene Magazine brand and the rest of the Western Capital Community. WCM will deliver programming via an innovative distribution network, on the company’s Web site and via other Web 2.0 platforms.
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