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SAW Jewelry, Fashion Designer

Los Angeles,  California
I am a jewelry designer in Los Angeles, Ca. I design and hand make one-of-a kind pieces of jewelry for my national and international clientele, all of which are unique in appearance and texture. I create my  jewelry from what I envision rather than following particular styles and trends. My lifelong artistic talents have been evident in the many years I managed art galleries that evolved into a long lasting relationship with the American Indian culture. I divide my time between two passions:...   read more
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SAW Jewelry

57 years old
Fashion Designer

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Comments (16)
ANTHONY  wrote about SAW Jewelry on 05/23/10   02:19 PM     
Thanks so much for the add...beautiful works ...hope we can work both,when you want !
ladydesign  wrote about SAW Jewelry on 08/28/08   10:52 AM     
beautiful work
~ViLs~  wrote about SAW Jewelry on 07/20/08   05:30 PM     
You got some awesome work!! Loved seeing your jewelry collection
Jenn Hoffman  wrote about SAW Jewelry on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
Thanks for the request, would love to shoot for you.
malik m.l. williams  wrote about SAW Jewelry on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
your work is wonderful. i love what you do! (and i sure could have used your eye and your art on a few shoots i've done.) kudos!!!
Megan Colley  wrote about SAW Jewelry on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
I'll say it again...really fantastic pieces. =)
Vaunn Yevo Image Maker  wrote about SAW Jewelry on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
i love you so much. it's not just honor to be working with you and your fantastically gorgeous jewelry, but also to have you as my best friend.
Vegas Shoot  wrote about SAW Jewelry on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
I see that you used my friend John to model for you. I would love to photograph some of your jewelry in the future.
GALLO  wrote about SAW Jewelry on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
I love your work. We should network and create some art together?
Fatima  wrote about SAW Jewelry on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
aw, no thank you!

hope to hear from you soon! And i wish you a great weekend to come!

Jenelle Amber  wrote about SAW Jewelry on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
Exquisite styles of jewelry.
Kristin M  wrote about SAW Jewelry on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
gorgeous jewels!!!
Manie One  wrote about SAW Jewelry on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
no problem, thanks for the request, lovely pieces.
SHAMAYIM  wrote about SAW Jewelry on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
you have beautiful jewelry
GreenButterfly4Ever  wrote about SAW Jewelry on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
hi sharon...thank you for the friend request...i really love your work and hopeflully we can work together soon...where do you actually shoot at ? where in los angeles do you stay?
Megan Colley  wrote about SAW Jewelry on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
Thanks so much for the add....Awesome work =)

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