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Cynthia S., Model

Roselle,  New Jersey
Not Created General
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Height:5' 2" (157 cm)
Weight:124 lb (56 kg)
Chest:34" B (86 cm)
Waist:30" (76 cm)
Hips:36" (91 cm)
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Blonde
Dress Size: 4 US
Shoe Size: 8 US  (39.5 EU)
Skin Color:Tanned
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Cynthia S.'s Network 81 Friends
UFO_Graphix Photography
msj images
Richard Scalzo
Inner Beauty Photography
Dyana Aives
This is my old dance group Taste doing a dress rehersal
Category: Professional
Lighter "I'm cute you ugly" music video
Rating: Not Rated
Category: Professional
Styla J "El Meneo" music video
Rating: Not Rated
Category: Professional
Taste opening up for neyo at the copacabana
Rating: Not Rated
Category: Professional
My old dance crew Taste video mix
Rating: Not Rated
Category: Professional
Comments (12)
Abdul  wrote about Cynthia S. on 09/16/09   03:58 PM     
I'd love to pose with you.
Ai_chan  wrote about Cynthia S. on 07/12/09   04:54 AM     
Hello My Name is Love, Im from New orleans I just Moved to New York and I dont have that many friends. You take some amazing pics I do MUA and eye lashes extension I also Model I would love to net work with you and keep each other posted on any Modeling assignments and Industry events. Have a nice day and enjoy your weekend...
Tom James  wrote about Cynthia S. on 03/09/09   09:45 PM     
I would totally be down in doing a shoot with you!
Joe Lipari  wrote about Cynthia S. on 02/07/09   08:47 AM     
I'm in the process of moving to Astoria... Would you want to come out there?
Joe Lipari  wrote about Cynthia S. on 02/05/09   10:33 PM     
So, when are we gonna set up a shoot?
Tom James  wrote about Cynthia S. on 02/02/09   10:07 AM     
Hey thanks for the Friend Request, Awesome work you got!
Inner Beauty Photography  wrote about Cynthia S. on 08/18/08   04:50 PM     
Thanks for the TFP request.... would love to work with you but we are so far away!!

maphoto  wrote about Cynthia S. on 07/19/08   02:19 PM     
thanks so much for the comment, it really means a lot. you have some great images too!!
O Snapps  wrote about Cynthia S. on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
Hi Syn, you absolutely gorgeous woman. Honored by the request. I'm looking forward to linking and collaborating
ColorMeBeautiful20  wrote about Cynthia S. on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
Your beautiful! keep up the good work! thanx for the friend request
KNOWN Magazine  wrote about Cynthia S. on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
thnx! love the edge of your work, GREAT! Love to work together soon.
Joe Lipari  wrote about Cynthia S. on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
Anytime.... We should try to work together sometime ;o)


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