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Film Producer Brandon Cordon, Casting Manager

Virginia Beach,  Virginia
Model/Actor/Movie Producer

I am a Producer. Actor. Photographer. Model. And sometimes I write.

I am all the time looking for new talent for various positions or roles in out films.  Both paid and unpaid.

I help cast student films as well. This is a great place to develope experience and resume as well as reel material. And of course these are not paid gigs.

I have cast talent for movies, shorts, music videos, TFP/TFCD, Paid shoots, and scouted models for top agencies.
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Film Producer Brandon Cordon

41 years old
Casting Manager

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Jennifer Karl
Jessielle Vela
J ordan
Hutson Talent Agency
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Flawless 1 Photos 10/10/2021 1:30 AM
Comments (11)
Ai_chan  wrote about Film Producer Brandon... on 07/11/09   07:16 AM     
Hello My Name is Love, Im from New orleans I just Moved to New York and I dont have that many friends. You take some amazing pics I do MUA and eye lashes extension I also Model I would love to net work with you and keep each other posted on any Modeling assignments and Industry events. Have a nice day and enjoy your weekend...
János  wrote about Film Producer Brandon... on 07/09/09   06:17 AM     
Mel is my homie

Where you filming it?
Roxy  wrote about Film Producer Brandon... on 07/06/09   09:49 AM     
Are you still casting for Athena? Just got back in town and saw your message.
Viron  wrote about Film Producer Brandon... on 06/19/09   10:23 AM     
Are you still casting for Athena. I just got your message. Thanks
Hutson Talent Agency  wrote about Film Producer Brandon... on 06/18/09   07:01 AM     
My Agency is not showing up in the agency list, how do I get it on there?
lolamarie  wrote about Film Producer Brandon... on 06/13/09   09:14 PM     
Be my guest, I'm open to it all.
Brandon Cordon  wrote about Film Producer Brandon... on 06/13/09   09:08 PM     
If you invite me here invite me here.. lol
Hutson Talent Agency  wrote about Film Producer Brandon... on 06/12/09   08:20 AM     
I just noticed that not quite sure why I will have to play with the profile
Hutson Talent Agency  wrote about Film Producer Brandon... on 06/12/09   08:08 AM     
Hi Beautiful
Thanks for sending me this website, I am registered and good to go
Jessielle Vela  wrote about Film Producer Brandon... on 06/11/09   07:52 AM     
That sounds great. I'll go ahead and email you that info now.
Samantha Charles  wrote about Film Producer Brandon... on 06/10/09   01:10 PM     
Hi Brandon,

Great portfolio and video!!

Keep up the good work!!!!!

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