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JonasJ, Photographer

København Ø,   Denmark
Hi there and thank you very much for stopping by,

I'm a Danish pro photographer living in Copenhagen Denmark. I travle a lot especially in UK and I hope to make more trips to US as well this year.

I got two websites up go check them out:



I'm always looking for talented people to shoot with.

Finally the worst thing for a photographer a picture of himself, hate it but I like...   read more
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43 years old

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Comments (9)
Tsveti_  wrote about JonasJ on 05/15/10   05:10 AM     
Amazing port! Love your work!
jade  wrote about JonasJ on 11/18/09   02:07 PM     
nice pix!love the lighting.do you ever plan on coming to Tx?
AnthonyNeste  wrote about JonasJ on 01/11/09   11:31 AM     
By the way ..I'm trying to get Donna Feldman for a cover shoot...how was that for you....my email is nestpix@aol.com
AnthonyNeste  wrote about JonasJ on 01/11/09   11:31 AM     
well if you find one turn him/her on to me and I'll do the same..lol
AnthonyNeste  wrote about JonasJ on 01/11/09   08:37 AM     
Great work...I need a agent
Manie One  wrote about JonasJ on 01/11/09   08:37 AM     
Thank you, I love your work!
lolamarie  wrote about JonasJ on 01/04/09   11:59 AM     
I LOVE your work, you're amazing. Please come to Texas soon!!
Cy Antithesis  wrote about JonasJ on 01/02/09   05:35 PM     
Thank you! Your work is Lovely!!!
estefany  wrote about JonasJ on 01/02/09   05:28 PM     
Thank you

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