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Raven, Photographer

Poinciana,  Florida
Fashion / Glamour

55 years old

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Tracy Nova
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Roadsters & Readheads
Roadsters & Redheads is my newest project. I am looking for Owners of... 07/07/10 11:45 PM
Cosplay Deviants
Well I have been told that I am going to be listed on the website as an approved... 06/25/10 7:04 PM
Time to fill tommorow
LOL, Hello all. Well tommorow I have two houses to photograph for my virtual... 04/14/10 12:39 AM
Stange It doesn't seem that long
According to my last blog entry it was July the last time I posted... 02/01/10 6:15 AM
Friday the 24th of July
I'm headed for Deltona on the 24th and will be coming back down through O-Town... 07/21/09 9:03 PM
Upcoming Availabilities
Well lets see. Monday the 4th of May I will be in Titusville for a Virtual Tour... 04/29/09 9:31 PM
It has been forever since I have shot anything for fun! Work, Work, Work. I am... 04/01/09 1:55 AM
Got a space to shoot with on Monday! Anyone interested?
Well Monday I am shooting a Short Term Rental house in Kissimmee and will have... 09/06/08 2:20 AM
Online Video Resume / Interview for Models
Hey All,  I had this great idea! Since MR now offers a place to put videos,... 09/01/08 10:01 PM
Been Awile
Well I added two new photos today from my first shoot with a male model. I am... 06/14/08 7:59 PM
Comments (4)
neurotoxin  wrote about Raven on 07/07/09   02:58 PM     
Thanks for the comment. I have a few more pictures to add. I just added another a few min. ago
Brittany  wrote about Raven on 06/05/09   04:26 PM     
Thank ya I love it so far....it has some useful tools !!!!!!! Im excxited to get started!!!
Brittany  wrote about Raven on 06/05/09   04:17 PM     
BrittanyMorrow  wrote about Raven on 08/27/08   02:22 PM     
Defiently! I always love an opportunity to work with new artists. If your ever in the Orlando/Daytona area (or would be able to arrange for travel etc.) please get in touch with me.

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Polaroids - a must-have!

The so-called, on the modeling industry "polaroid" is a photograph, where the model is not wearing any make up and it has not been re-touched. The term comes from the infamous camera brand "Polaroid", widely used by agencies due to its very convenient ability to produce a photograph in just 3 minutes, which is also 100% original and unmodified.

Every model, who is still unsigned with an agency must have such "polaroids". Most agencies would not even look at any other photographs. Also many casting agencies require models to send polaroids.

You don't have to have a Polaroid camera to take "polaroids" - just use any camera. Simply do this: don't wear any make up and make sure your face is well lit, preferably with natural light; stand straight facing the camera, with absolutely no posing. Take a headshot without a smile; another with a smile, with your teeth visible; and take a full body shot. Turn completely left or right and take another couple shots, similar to the first set. Pick the best four and upload them in your "Polaroids" section on the site.
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