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SHAMAYIM, Photographer

Manhattan,  New York
SHAMAYIM-Fashion Photography
NOTICE::All of the photography contained within this site are copyright owned by SHAMAYIM PHOTOGRAPHY.
By reviewing this site you adhere to all ownership rights. Unauthorized use will result in legal action.

SHAMAYIM does NOT shoot TFP no exceptions.

SHAMAYIM only considers test shoots for professional agency represented models.

He provides model packages and rates to develop non-represented models...   read more
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36 years old

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Natasha L
Comments (45)
3JayProd  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 01/28/09   08:04 AM     
You are flourishing! All the best to you!!!
NefertariBeauty  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 12/19/08   06:19 PM     
thanks for the FR hope we work together
Xmakesitcxc  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 12/09/08   04:22 PM     
Awesome port!
Ronda  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 09/24/08   09:55 AM     
beyond beautty  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 09/22/08   07:24 AM     
JAM-X  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 09/04/08   01:30 PM     
Love your work my man!!!
Kristin M  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 08/25/08   03:20 PM     
gorgeous new work
Flor Castillo  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 08/24/08   07:55 PM     
Really? How are you liking it so far?
Flor Castillo  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 08/24/08   07:55 PM     
Loooovvvvveeeee the pics!!!!! Amazing
sachet  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 08/20/08   11:36 AM     
Nice port
Would love to work with you one day
Keep up the good work
THE BAS EXPERIENCE  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 08/20/08   11:36 AM     
Great Work!! Thanks for the add! Respect!!!
photo54  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 08/20/08   11:36 AM     
like the new photos
Terry Powers  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 07/23/08   08:35 AM     
fantastic work
Dyana Aives  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
thank you so much for the comment, wish i saw it earlier so i could have done the shoots, but keep me posted for next time!
Christopher Naselli  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
Gorgeous work we should work together
Dyana Aives  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
your work is gorgeous. i would love to work with you!
modelnea  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
hawtness...i can say no more!!!!
drobinson  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
You have a Beautiful Eye for photography! Hats off...
mhunter86  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
soooooooo........i read your and decided to join!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the have no idea how much you inspire me and keep me well informed
photo54  wrote about SHAMAYIM on 07/07/08   07:26 AM     
amazing work, man, keep it coming!

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